Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alumni Blues

I'm alright now
'cause I got a degree
---Phish, Alumni Blues
This last weekend I graduated from Oregon State University. Here are some pictures from the event (click on the thumbnails for a larger view):

All of the graduates seated before the beginning of the graduation ceremony. As you can tell, Adria and my parents sat in the upper deck of OSU's Reser Stadium. However, they had a hard time understanding the commencement speakers due to lag in the sound from the amplifiers on the field on the amplifiers on the upper deck. However, from someone who could hear the speakers they didn't miss much. It wasn't even the best commencement address given in Corvallis that week.

Here I am waving to my family in the upper deck.

A picture of me receiving my degree on the Jumbotron.

Me showing off my degree. OSU has the tradition of giving each graduate their actual diploma (instead of mailing it to the graduates a couple weeks later as many other colleges do).

After receiving their degrees, most of the people around me left instead of waiting for the end of the commencement excercises.

Me and my parents showing off my degree. The boutonniere that my Dad is wearing was made by Adria as a Father's Day present as OSU commencement traditional falls on Father's Day.

Me and Adria also showing off my degree.

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