Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Past 2+ weeks

What have we done in the past 2+ weeks? Here is a partial list (in no particular order):
  • I helped save the internet by writing to my representatives in Congress urging them to help preserve net neutrality.
  • Adria's friend Karina came over for a birthday lunch. After lunch we showed Karina the llamas that live behind us and gave the llamas carrots. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures this time.
  • Adria and I substitute taught a lesson for the 15 year-old class in church. The lesson was about Ruth, Naomi and Hannah.
  • I received my offical offer letter from the Postal Service. I felt a lot better after having the letter as know I have a written agreement instead of just a verbal one.
  • We purchased plane tickets for Adria to fly to Washington D.C. As part of the training that I will have with the Postal Service, I will be spending two weeks in Washington D.C. in July. She will be free to go around to the different muesums and touristy things that there are in our nation's capital
  • We enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend by using one of our free movie passes that Adria's brother Adam gave us for Christmas and saw X-Men 3. We also went up to see Adria's parents over on Sunday.
  • On Memorial Day, Adria and I went to Schreiner's Iris Gardens just north of Keizer. They have some very nice display gardens that we walked around and admired the flowers. They also had a jazz band to help celebrate Memorial Day. Below are some pictures that we took while at Schreiner's (click on the pictures for a larger image):

This is a picture of Adria with a giant Teddy Bear that was at the display gardens

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