Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Beach, B-Days, and yada yada yada

Since last we have blogged some interesting things have happened. Adria finished her emergency response class. The program is called Community Emergency Response Team training or CERT for short. She tied for the highest score in her class on the written final exam. Her team also did well on their emergency simulation. Adria had wanted me to be a victim, but hearing her talk about how real the fake blood was made me kind of queasy, and I failed to acquiesce to those wishes. They had their graduation ceremony at a local pizza parlor on Thursday. Adria enjoyed learning about what you would need to do in a disaster and how to best prepare for one. She has also enjoyed her association with her team members. Below is a picture of her graduation certificate and a team photo.

We also went to a Cinco De Mayo party that one of her CERT team members threw. We arrived at the party kind of late because there was also a Cinco De Mayo party at church. Most of the good food at the party was gone because we arrived so late, but our host Oscar rounded up some chicken tamales, plus there was plenty of cake remaining for us to eat.

This past weekend we went to Lincoln City and spent time with Garth's parents and brother Jeff. Also while we were at the beach we celebrated Adria's birthday and Mother's Day. We went out for a nice breakfast on Saturday and then we went on a walk on the beach. We found some interesting rocks to look at while we were on our beach walk.

I liked this rock because it looked like a skull. It also is reminiscient of the dubloon from the Goonies.

We also found a crab shell on the beach.

While walking on the beach we also saw a couple of planes/helicopters fly above us, including one that looked like the copter that James Bond flew in You Only Live Twice (minus the rockets, aerial mines, machine guns, and flame throwers of course). Below is a video of a life-flight copter that flew over us while on our walk (it might not come through on the e-mail version of the blog, but it is there on the on-line version of the blog)

Also while we were at the beach we visited the Connie Hansen Garden. The garden was in full bloom and Adria and I had a pleasant time walking around looking at the flowers. Below are some pictures that we took while in the garden.

We had a very nice time at the beach visiting with my parents and Jeff. Also we got to watch 2 episodes of Jeeves and Wooster on DVD. Jeeves and Wooster for those who don't know is a delightful show based on the novels of P.G. Wodehouse that details the adventures of Bertram Wooster and his gentleman's gentleman Reginald Jeeves. Adria is beginning to understand why I enjoy this show so much. Both episodes had Sir Roderick Spode prominently involved which was a major plus.

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