Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Addendums, Corrections and Copters

In the last post made some comments that either require an addendum or a correction.

I mentioned that I didn't participate in Adria's CERT practice disaster event because I don't like blood. What I forgot to mention was that the next night Adria and I went to a performance of Julius Caesar that the nearby high school put-on. The play was much bloodier than I remember it being from the reading that we did in a class during my sophomore year in high school. Adria had spent the last couple of weeks treating fake blood as if it had been real blood to prepare for the practice disaster, as such seeing Julius Caesar brutally cut down in the prime of his life was disturbing, so we left during the intermission. I had wanted to see how the ghost was portrayed as I had that role during my class' reading (my costume: a white sheet). Our take on the production was that Julius Caesar was played very well, as was Marc Antony (his "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech was well done, although I kept of thinking of the movie "The Saint" where a Russian oil baron starts all of his press conferences with the words "Friends, Countrymen, Russians!!!!"). We didn't particulary care for Brutus, or any of the fates, or any of the wives and were split on Cassius.

Correction: I said that we saw a life flight copter fly by while we were on our walk. My father says that it was a Coast Guard search and resuce copter. However we did see a Life Flight copter on Monday night at the Fire Station/Public Works Open House. Here is a movie of it landing (again, you may need to look at the on-line version of the blog to see the movie if you are viewing this via e-mail)

The open house was interesting. Many of the public works organizations had booths. My favorite booth had a demonstration of why you shouldn't touch a car when a power line has fallen on it. They had a small "power line" that had fallen on a car, and had a plastic toy come up and touch the car and the electricity had an arc about an inch long that went from the car to the plastic toy. If I had known it was going to be that exciting I would have going that on camera too.

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