Saturday, April 29, 2006

Our backyard friends the llamas

Soon after Adria and I got married, I was talking about our apartment in Keizer and causally mentioned that there are llamas just behind our apartment. Now, when I said this I didn't think that there was anything too odd about this as I had seen geese and a miniature pony in peoples front yards in South Corvallis on more than one occasion.
However, the family members to whom I related this story didn't really believe me. This isn't the first time that this was happened. Once while playing Pit at Aunt Carol's house, I brought up that there is a difference in the words associated with certain animals changes on the language that you are speaking, and that some animals in some languages have larger vocabularies than they do in other languages. For example a dog in an English-speaking country can say "Woof", "Bow Wow", "Ruff", "Grrrrr", "Arf" or "Bark". However a dog in Russia will only say "Gav Gav". My family thought this to be interesting and so they asked me what other sounds Russian animals make. The first animal that I thought of was a pig. The Russian pig makes the sound "Khryu-khryu", which my family found hilirous, however, they also didn't fully believe me. That is until I showed them this site, which catalogs the sounds of the worlds animals and verified my claims.
Anyway, back to llamas. Turns out that a family that goes to church with us owns the llamas that live behind us. Adria was speaking to the owner one day and was told that we could feed the llamas carrots if we wanted to. So today we went back there and we fed the llamas. Here are some pictures from the feeding:

Here is a movie of the feeding of the llamas that I took as well (note: if you are reading this e-mail version of the blog, the movie might not come through, however if you see the on-line version of the blog, the movie will be there):

We had fun feeding the llamas, although it was troublesome at the first to get them to come over to get their food.

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Yeah, I had one moment of incredulity about the llamas too, even though in my experience it is not Garth's habit to halucinate (although he does speak nosense in his sleep from time to time, which is ok with me). I just realized that when you reply to Garth's blog emails- it will forward to everyone who recieved the original message- so good thing I put in enough xs and os from last time for everyone on the list.
    PS. Helping us put almost a full 2lb bag of carrots to better use were Daniel Dodge, Justin Heintz, and Diana Baumgartner. Lest anyone need a better reason than us to visit us, the llamas are always there.