Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First Post

Garth and Adria

Here is the update on the activities of us for the past month:

I (Garth) have recently embarked on my final term at Oregon State University. My class load should be very manageable as I have only 3 classes: Material Science II, Third-year Russian, and Introduction to Numerical Analysis.

Spring break was spent watching my NCAA tournament bracket get shredded to pieces, preparing for the fantasy baseball season and completing 3 books, "Breaks of the Game" (follows the 79-80 Portland Trailblazers), "How Soccer Explains the World" (tries to show how globalization has effected the beautiful game), and "Fantasyland" (a re-telling of the author's first season in an expert fantasy baseball league).

Adria continues to enjoy here job at the Asian Health & Service center. On Tuesday (April 4) she helped teach members of the Evergreen Club (the club for the more elder visitors of the service center that helps the members stay ever-green) color Easter eggs. Adria also is taking a Citizen Emergency Response Team class on Thursdays at the Fire Station where they get to perform first-aid during mock distasters while the fire fighters act try to mess them up. She enjoys putting out fires. Adria took 3 days off of work while Garth was on spring break which she spent on some spring cleaning and catching up on sleep. We were also excited to not have to spend so much time on the daily commute over spring break as the next story illustrates:
We had some company over on Wednesday of spring break. Adria and invited her friend Rachel (who she met at church) and Rachel's husband Seth over for dinner, and then our friends/apartment managers the Taylors (Trent and Denelle) came over for desert. We had a pleasant evening. Rachel works in Corvallis for HP, Seth works in Portland as a corporate lawyer and Trent also goes to Oregon State. So Denelle is the only person in the room who doesn't a have commute. Thus it was interesting when Seth asked "So what do you like to do when you aren't driving?"

We also enjoyed the General Conference weekend. As we don't have a television we watched the various sessions of the conference at the Stake center (I found out only after the conference that there is a video stream of the conference at and these same streams can be watched on "on demand". The drive to priesthood session also marked the first time that I had driven a car with a manual transmission without Adria in the car to remind me to put the clutch in at red lights. I have found it much easier to practice driving a manual transmission in Keizer than I did in Portland before we got married as Keizer has no major hills to speak of, while the area of Portland that I always practiced in seemed to be nothing but hills.

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  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Garth, you look like a hoodlum, but it is a way cool angle for a photo. I can already tell this is going to be a fun blog.
    Love, Kedra