Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Recap

Adria and I had a pleasant Easter weekend. On Saturday we were planning on attending the church Easter egg hunt, but due to the morning rains the location was shifted to another location. We found the address of the home that the party was going to be
at... but that address wasn't right, and we couldn't find the real address.
After that I embarked on the most difficult Easter Egg hunt that I had ever undertaken before. Adria had spent the past week thinking of places to hide Easter goodies from me in our apartment. Here is a partial list of her hiding places:
  • In a bag of frozen peas in the freezer
  • In a bag of tomatoes in the refrigerator
  • In the box of Bisquick
  • In a pair of socks in my sock drawer
  • Inside the box that holds the wiring for our doorbell (I never would have found that egg if the plastic casing of the doorbell hadn't fallen off)
  • Inside one of my neckties
  • Behind a wall clock
  • In the oven
After about 2 or 3 hours of looking for the 26 hiding spots that Adria had chosen, and having only found about 1/2 of the goodies, we finally started playing "Hot or Cold", and I was finally able to find all of the hidden goodies.

After the Easter Egg hunt, Adria and I helped chaperone a youth dance. I had a good time, although it was nice to be able to have all the snow cones and popcorn that I could eat. Also Adria bought me a new necktie on Saturday. This necktie can be seem in the above picture.

Easter Sunday itself was good. We had a good church meeting, and then Adria and I drove up to Portland to spend the afternoon with her parents and siblings. We had a nice afternoon with the Davises.

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