Saturday, December 10, 2005

Our Wedding

Note: I recently had some computer issues that caused me to rethink how I was preserving some pictures and other items on the hard drive of my laptop. After some thought, I decided to use this blog to record some events that happened before this space was created. However, many of these events occurred before I met Adria so she isn't likely to appear in these posts. You can look at all of these posts by clicking this link here.

Adria and I were married on December 10th, 2005. Here are some pictures from our wedding day.

The night before our wedding, we had dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in Portland called Andina. My sibilings have known the owner and the owner's siblings since grade school, so they thought that it would be a nice place to have a pre-wedding dinner (and they were right).

Here are some pictures of Adria and me at dinner:

Here are James and Jessica:

Here are my brothers Brad and Jeff:

Here is my Dad with my brother-in-law Jared (my sister Cathie wasn't able to get to Portland early enough to be there for dinner. Jared and Cathie at this time lived in Boston and Cathie is a doctor and had to work):

Here is my mom with her sisters Jolynn, Martha and Nancy (and James is in on the left side of the picture too):

Here are Vanessa and Brad:

In the morning before the wedding, we had a wedding breakfast. Here is a picture of James:

Here are my siblings and their spouses:

Here is a picture of the quilt that my Aunt Nancy made and gave to us as a wedding present:

Here is another picture of James and Jessica:

Here is another picture of Jared and Cathie:

Here is another picture of Jeff:

Here are my parents:

Here is another picture of Brad and Vanessa:

Here is a picture of my Dad with our neighbors the Bells:

Here is a picture of some of Adria's siblings, her friend Karina and some of her aunts and uncles. Going clockwise starting in the front: Adria's brothers Hayden, Ty, sister Alicia, Adria's Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue and Uncle Norm, Adria's brother Adam and Adria's friend Karina.

Here is a picture of us with Adria's parents and her siblings that were able to make it to the wedding:

Here is a picture of Adria and me with my siblings and their spouses:

Here is a picture of Adria and me with our mothers:

Here is a picture of Adria and me with our parents:

Here we are:

We were married in the Portland Oregon Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because what goes on inside of temples is sacred, there are no pictures, but for more information about temples, click here.

After the temple ceremony we took a few pictures before leaving on our honeymoon. Some of these pictures was with Adria's grandpa:

Here is a slideshow of pictures from our wedding day (includes some of the same pictures that are in this post):

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