Friday, March 25, 2005

A Utah Wedding

Note: I recently had some computer issues that caused me to rethink how I was preserving some pictures and other items on the hard drive of my laptop. After some thought, I decided to use this blog to record some events that happened before this space was created. However, many of these events occurred before I met Adria so she isn't likely to appear in these posts. You can look at all of these posts by clicking this link here.

As part of my Spring Break (of 2005), I went to Utah for the wedding of my friend Jason (a.k.a. "Doug Christie"). On the day before the wedding I spent the day with his brother Justin, their roommate Brant and our friend Prescott. Since I had spent many a day in Salt Lake on my families yearly trips to Utah to see grandmothers, I served as a bit of an informal tour guide. Here are some pictures of our day in Salt Lake.

Below is a picture of Prescott, Justin, Brant and I on the observation deck of the Conference Center.

Here we are in front of the Joseph Smith statue in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly the Hotel Utah)

But that isn't all that we did. We also found time for fun. We did a little bit of mullet hunting. Below is a picture of Justin and Prescott outside of a McDonalds.

And here is Prescott and me at a family fun center that we played Laser Tag, and Mini-Golf at as part of Jason's bachelor party with another mullet lover.

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